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Yes, all citizens of the world can buy houses in the US.

No, you don’t have to go to the US to buy a house. All purchases are submitted to your approval in electronic environment (DocuSign, e-mail) and you can buy your home without going to the US. Buyers who want to see the properties may go and buy directly.

No, you can’t get a residence or citizenship by buying a house in the US. However, there are sessions and visa rights to be obtained through several real estate investments. If you would like to get more information on this subject please contact us.

Your valid passport photocopy or ID card, an account statement or bank confirmation letter proving that the amount of the house you have decided to purchase is in your bank account will suffice(Proof of Funds).

It varies according to location and the price of the house in the US. However, the accepted overall average is between 2% and 3% annually.

– As, we’re always behind the houses we’ve sold. We would like to share with you the joy of having made a profitable investment by being with you at the sale process of your home if you wish.

It varies according to the state in which the house is located. However, we carry out your title deed transactions approximately in 3 weeks.

When analyzing the most advantageous portfolios for our investors, we first provide you with regions with high rental rates, turnovers, and return of investment above 10 %. Your home includes a rent and maintenance guarantee for the first year. By renewing your rent insurance contract for the following years, you can still benefit from our rent guarantee option.

After buying the house that suits your budget, our property management service handles all income-expense transactions such as finding new tenants, rent collection and depositing it in your account, property tax payment, etc.

The property law in the US and the constant control of the government keep the market stable. The options in our portfolio are offered to our investors after a long-term comprehensive analysis and performance evaluation. With the developing industry and a strong economy, there has been an increase in foreign investors in recent years.


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