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1. Let's find the house that fits your budget

Usdrent portfolio is renewed daily. We offer our investors options with a return period of 10 years or less. We can also find options that are not in our portfolio on demand. After your decision, we start the purchasing process.

2. Sign a Sales Contract

After the sales contract you will sign, the official process begins. At this stage, you should send the 15% deposit to the ” escrow ” account of the licensed title company that will perform the deed transactions in the US.

3. Appraisal and Inspection Process (Optional)

The appraised value of your tenanted property is presented to you by us. However, if you want to do your research, we can request from the ‘3rd party’ independent organizations at this stage. You can also request an inspection of the house at this stage if you wish. About $250-$500 inspection fee is paid by buyers.

4. Deed Transactions

It is the most important stage of the home buying process. With your 15% deposit in the escrow account of the licensed title company, the title deed transfer transaction begins. This licensed title deed company reviews all the records of the title deed and ensures that the insured deed will be transferred to the buyer.

5. Deed Transfer

After the deed transactions, the licensed title company will ask you to send the remaining balance to the “escrow” account. After the payment, the title deed is transferred to your name, then the amount in the escrow account is transferred to the seller. You are the new owner of the house now.

6. Start Receiving Your Rental Income

Congratulations on your new home! Submit your dollar account in the US or your country. All you have to do is check that your rent is deposited every month.

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