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Our main main services that we offer as are as follows. You can reach the explanations by clicking on all these titles and you can reach us at any time * in any questions you may have.
* We May Respond The Messages We Receive Between 2-48 Hours Depending On The Intense Demand.

Rental Guaranteed Properties

From our portfolios starting from $60,000, we analyze and offer you the portfolios that suit your budget and price/performance expectations. We will prepare the official ‘Offer Letter’ of the house you have chosen and start purchasing. Since the houses are already tenant occupied, you will receive your first rental income after the month in which the deed is issued in your name (30 days).

Commercial Properties

For investors who want to invest in commercial properties, we support all stages of the sales process with detailed financial statements of commercial options such as office, business and hotel concepts. With investing in our wide commercial portfolio options, you may be eligible for investor visa types such as E-2, EB-5, L-1.


1500+ brands give franchises in America. The reason why investors prefer franchise companies is that they have the ready infrastructure, training support, marketing support, management systems that are standard in all branches, etc. such advantages. With your franchise investment, you may apply for visa types such as E-2 and L-1.


As, we provide consultancy services on buying land, ready-made infrastructure in highly developing regions in the US. Starting from $ 15,000, our portfolios are very advantageous for capital investors. If you wish, you can buy these ready lots and build and sell the house you want. You can buy lots and sell them at higher prices in the future. Maintenance costs are very low.


We are at your service with our mortgage organizations for our investors who want to invest with mortgages in the US. American citizenship is not required. All investors with the appropriate criteria can use mortgages and invest more than once with low capitals.

Deed Transactions

In the United States, deed transactions are carried out only by the ‘title companies ‘authorized by the US government. Title company is a guarantor that the recipient will be given a clean and hassle-free deed. It examines the past and current records of the deed. If there is no lien, debt, mortgage, etc. on the deed, it gives the buyer the guarantee of the insured deed. It then communicates the closing documents to the parties. In this process, our contracted title company shows extra effort to protect our buyers. As, we provide title deed insurance.

Property Management

We ensure that your property is managed smoothly on your behalf. In the United States, the Property Management is quite common and is generally preferred by foreign buyers. The charge of this service is generally 10% of the monthly rent amount. Renting your home, tenant’s credit check, collecting and depositing rental income into your account, providing maintenance services that may occur in your property, all expenses payments such as property taxes, municipal taxes, HOA payments, property insurance payment is carried out by property management company on your behalf.

Company Establishment

If you want to expand your current business in your country to the US market or would like to open a new business and make trade in the US, the first step will be the establishment of a company. Determining the type of company that fits your business plan, having a resident accountant and all other services are carried out through our licensed accountant who is an expert in the subject in our U.S. office.

Accounting and Tax Management Services

The most important process after the establishment of the company is the management of your company’s accounting and tax processes. Many companies only terminate the service after providing company setup services. These processes can have undesirable consequences if not managed correctly. At this stage, we are with you in managing all your accounting and tax processes correctly.

Legal Services

You should contact immigration lawyers who are experts in the field of visa and immigration issues that you can obtain through your investment. We support EB-5, E2, E1, L1 and all other immigration issues, trademark registrations with our lawyers.

Quick Flip

Our products, which we offer with ready tenants in the US market, go through the pre-sales process. After the renovation, the tenant is placed and then offered for sale. If our investors wish, they can buy the houses in need of maintenance before the renovation and sell them again within the renovation period. In this way, they can earn high profits in the short term. The Quick Flip trading model is an investment. You can contact us for Quick Flip options starting from $50,000.

Private Lending

There are many different options such as bank, lender, private lender where you can use mortgages in the USA. It is very difficult for foreigners to obtain mortgages from US banks. At, we offer our investors mortgage opportunities in the USA through our contracted Private Lending companies. In this way, you can own a house with a high rental income in the USA with low capital.

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